Video: Lawrence Rothman, ‘#1 All Time Low’


Midwest-bred, Los Angeles-based artist Lawrence Rothman cites influences including Charles Bukowski, Cindy Sherman, house and R&B, which when taking in his work, really permeate through both his sound and his visuals. So far, he has only released the “Montauk Fling,” featuring the B-sides “Fatal Attraction” and “#1 All Time Low,” a seductive track brooding with his moody baritone moan and driven by a minimal and slinky ’90s house-like beat, like Hercules & Love Affair laced with some How To Dress Well. Each video finds him embracing a different persona, from a long comb-over and battered, bloodied face, to a chained, clay-caked persona intercut with hairless cats to an Elizabeth Taylor, David Lynch-curated fever dream. After a European and UK tour, as well as opening for Woodkid in Paris, Rothman is set to play dates up and down the West Coast this month on his first full tour.

||| Stream: “Fatal Attraction” and “Montauk Fling”

||| Live: Lawrence Rothman plays the Bootleg on Feb. 22 with Mas Ysa.