Stream: Line & Circle, ‘Mine Is Mine’



L.A. quintet Line & Circle are not fast workers, but they are meticulous workers. The band – singer-guitarist Brian Cohen. keyboardist Brian Egan, guitarist Eric Neujahr, bassist Jon Engelhard (having replaced Nathan Gammill) and drummer Nick Cisik – recalls those heady days of the ’80s and ’90s when songwriters wrote anthems, not just hooks. And “Mine Is Mine,” their first single since they released “Roman Ruins” via the White Iris label in the summer of 2012, carries that air of gravitas. It’s a little U2-doing-R.E.M., or vice versa, and it stokes more than a little bit of anticipation for what else the fivesome has cooked up in recent sessions with producer Lewis Pesacov. “Mine Is Mine” came out this week as a single.

||| Stream: “Mine Is Mine”

||| Live: Line & Circle opens for Typhoon on March 6 at the El Rey Theatre.

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