Ears Wide Open: The Luxembourg Signal



Here’s one for real indie kids, the cult of Sarah Records and anybody who made it all the way to the end of “Twee As F*ck” on Pitchfork a few years back. The Luxembourg Signal is a transcontinental collective whose members trace their roots to that beloved Sarah catalog – singer Beth Arzy, guitarist Johnny Joyner and drummer Brian Espinosa are members of SoCal indie-poppers Aberdeen, who had two releases on Sarah in 1994 and a smattering of great work since [a plus a reunion show in 2011]. Arzy, who now lives in the U.K., more recently sang in Trembling Blue Stars, the post-Sarah-era band fronted by the Field Mice’s Bobby Wratten. That trio is joined by Betsy Moyer and Ginny Pitchford (who with Joyner also plays in L.A. popgazers Fonda). Now that all those dots are connected: The Luxembourg Signal is releasing a 7-inch via Shelflife Records on April 29. The A-side “Distant Drive” is just what the name implies, a jangling, slightly astral trip down Ennui Lane, the kind of thing no self-respecting dream-pop band would be ashamed to have in its arsenal. Moyer takes over on the B-side “Wishing Pool,” a demo recorded a Broiler Room session. An album is en route, the band promises on Facebook.

||| Stream: “Distant Drive”