Stream: Magic Wands, ‘On the Telephone’



Ah, the telephone. It has started and ended relationships, and kept them flickering. It has come to symbolize the geographical distance between two hearts and the conversations that keep them tethered. And until somebody starts writing hits about text messaging, we’re still a sucker for a great pop song with a dialtone. Which brings us to Magic Wands. The dream-pop duo of Dexy and Chris Valentine are working on a new album, “Stranded on Earth,” due out sometime later this year, which is good news for fans of 2012’s “Aloha Moon.” But Magic Wands’ new song “On the Telephone” – which sounds to us like a stone cold hit in any of about three decades – will not be on it. “This is a unique one-off track we did specifically for licensing,” the band says by way of explanation. So if hearing Dexy Valentine in her very good side project Bonfire Beach weren’t enough, think of “On the Telephone” as something to tide you over until the new album arrives. We’re holding.

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||| Also: After the jump, enjoy a Spotify playlist of my favorite telephone songs (from classics to indie gems) of all time. And thanks to my Facebook friends for jogging my memory: