Coachella 2014: Grouplove, delirious in the desert



Who: Grouplove at the Main Stage
In 3 of Fewer Words: Pop Stockholm Syndrome
Memorable Because: “We’ve been looking forward to playing this song at Coachella for a year and a half, because we wrote it at Coachella. It’s about losing your mind in the desert!” squawked frontman Christian Zucconi before launching into “Shark Attack.” It’s tough to name a band more emblematic of the most lamentable Coachella aesthetic, pastel tank tops and all. Maturity-deficient pop infections have made Grouplove the licensing bucks, but commercial success aside, there was something decidedly alt-rock about their set. (Think Tripping Daisy or Ween.) Even the most jaded attendee had to appreciate the delirious performance that defied categorization. Grouplove was undeniable, the kind of mad desert orgy Coachella vets shell out the bucks for. No one escapes the gang chorus forever. Who needs converts when you can take captives?
What I’d Tell The Buzzbands Staff That Stuck Me With Grouplove: Whatever master wants. It hurts so good.
– Ben “Mouse” McShane (Photo by David Brendan Hall)