Video: The Singles, ‘Inamorata’


In the video for the Singles’ single “Inamorata,” an assortment of probably drunk people do some ostensibly bad karaoke. And it’s kind of perfect. Because the Singles’ full-length “Look How Fast a Heart Can Break” is full of the kind of familiar power-pop and garage-rock nuggets that live on in karaoke machines everywhere. The album, which came out this month, is the brainchild of singer-guitarist Vince Frederick and drummer-singer Nicky Veltman, who made it with producer Rick Parker (whose credits include Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Dandy Warhols, Gliss and the Von Bondies, among others). It’s nothing if not concise – only one song exceeds 3 1/2 minutes – and the Singles live up to their name by getting to the hook without any fuss. Any of “Look How Fast” would have been good in 1972. Better, maybe. There was no karaoke in those days.

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Photo by Don Lupo