Ears Wide Open: Valley Queen



Natalie Meadors almost returned to Arkansas after only one year in L.A., but she decided to stay after coming upon an acoustic jam session where she met guitarist David Donaldson. Six years later, Meadors and Donaldson, along with Neil Wogensen on bass and Gerry Doot on drums, have continued to collaborate and share their influences, such as Zeppelin, Duane Allman and Muddy Waters. The four members now record and perform under the moniker Valley Queen, and “Carnival,” the A-side to their debut 7-inch, is a thick, rollicking, smokey folk-rock tune. Produced by Lewis Pesacov (Best Coast, FIDLAR, Fool’s Gold), Meadors’ sweet yet compelling vocals weave in and out of spaghetti Western guitar riffs while the percussion gallops in the verses and the chorus soars and swoops back down just before another rip-roaring build-up. Ironically enough, this first single is also about creating a supportive artistic community in Echo Park. With arrangements like this, there’s no room for loneliness. Valley Queen’s “Carnival” 7-inch (with “Make You Feel” as its b-side) is out now via White Iris.

||| Stream: “Carnival”

||| Live: Valley Queen plays Wednesday at the Satellite with Guides and Alex Lily.