Download: United Ghosts, ‘Out of Love’



On their gritty/pretty 2013 self-titled debut, United Ghosts gave a clinic in shoegazing, juxtaposing the dark of dense guitars with the light of melodies and boy/girl vocals. The band, stripped back to the duo of singer-guitarist Axel Steuerwald and singer-bassist Sha Sabi, retool their sound on their forthcoming EP, “Dear Electric Sun.” Electro-shock synths replace pedal effects in giving the machine-propelled new song “Out of Love” a ghostly countenance. Steuerwald has always had a way of making what he works on sound like it came from various corners of the U.K. guitar-band heyday, and this new song might be only a remix away from “24 Hour Party People.”

||| Download: “Out of Love”

||| Live: United Ghosts open for EMA on July 1 at the Troubadour and for A Sunny Day in Glasgow on July 16 at the Bootleg.

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