Stream: The Wild Reeds, ‘Blind and Brave’



The vintage folk stylings of the Wild Reeds recall a distant, ostensibly more naive California where one had to be neither blind nor especially brave to see and do all that is right and good. On its debut “Blind and Brave” (due Aug. 9), the L.A. quintet submits that they are oblivious to today’s trenchant cynicism and bold enough to chart their own course. It’s a winning oeuvre – the down-home Americana made by Kinsey Lee, Sharon Silva, Mackenzie Howe, Nick Jones and Nick Phakpiseth possesses a time-capsule innocence. There are more polished folk singers than Lee, Silva and Howe (who rotate on lead duties and harmonies), but few more believably honest. Songs such as “Love Letter” sound like they’re rattling off a Victrola; “Of All the Dreams” recalls one of Jenny Lewis’ more country-fied moments; and the aching title track suggests the Wild Reeds may be truly out of their time, but not out of their element. “Blind and Brave” was produced by Raymond Richards (Local Natives) in the vein of his other work with folk artists such as the Parson Red Heads and Honeyhoney. Guitar, banjo, stand-up bass, harmonium and autoharp – all appear judiciously here. Find a shade tree and enjoy.

||| Stream: “Blind and Brave”

||| Live: The Wild Reeds perform Aug. 9 at the Troubadour along with Kera & the Lesbians and Brother Grand.