Download: WAZ, ‘Lights Go Down’



We first spotted WAZ as Pete Yorn’s guitarist way back when, and we last saw him co-directing musical traffic in the electro-pop trio Hot As Sun, with his wife Jamie Jackson. In between, the Cleveland native released two albums and an EP (2008-09) and carved out a swath as a composer for film and television. Now he’s returned to his solo endeavors, crafting atmospheric folk-rock with a deft cinematic flair. His “Lights Go Down” EP, produced by Jackson, comes out Aug. 26, and the arching title track, which has already felt the warm embrace of KCRW, somehow conjures up ends and beginnings at the same time.

||| Download: “Lights Go Down”

||| Live: WAZ plays Sept. 4 at Fifty Seven.

Photo by Naveen Chabul