Stream: KAV, ‘Dance in a Panic’



The long-in-the-works full-length album from KAV – the nom de tune of Kavin Sandhu – is informed by the singer-guitarist’s dual residency in L.A. and London, as well as his long resumé that included DJ gigs at London’s Getloaded club nights. He was guitarist in the third incarnation of the Happy Mondays, so there’s tint of old Madchester in KAV’s “The Man With No Shadow” (out this week via Wild Echo Records). The album’s scuzzy fuzz-bombs find the sonic midpoint between Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Kasabian, so this is not your-nephew-from-Echo-Park’s garage rock. Instead, it’s the world as viewed through the smudged lens of somebody who’s kicked up years of dust – who, as he sneers in his best Gallagher late in the 15-song, 55-minute opus, is always tempted to say, “I’m gonna tell you a secret.”

||| Stream: “Dance in a Panic” and “Man With No Shadow”

||| Live: KAV celebrates his album release with a show Saturday night at the Satellite, supported by Bonfire Beach, Dark Furs and Batwings Catwings.

||| Also: After the jump, check out the video for the album closer “Lonely Men”: