Ears Wide Open: Jesse Jo Stark


Rock ā€™nā€™ roll and fashion have always had a snug relationship, and nobody knows that better than Steve Jones, he of punk-rock icons the Sex Pistols, a band formed to help sell clothes on King’s Road. Jonesy is the producer behind the debut EP from Jesse Jo Stark. The daughter of Richard Stark and Laurie Lynn, the couple behind the lifestyle brand Chrome Hearts, Jesse Jo is a clothing designer as well as aspiring rock siren, and while we have no idea about fashion plates, her “Down Your Drain” EP (out this week) might be your dish if you like sultry, bluesy cowpunk. As a singer, she’s no belter; her smoldering vocals fall into the sultrier-than-thou category. Olivia Malone’s video for “Baby Love” casts the singer as a disaffected bad girl in a gaggle of disaffected bad youths. All ready for the inevitable magazine double-trucks, mind you. jessejo