Stream: Line & Circle, ‘Wounded Desire’



The new EP from Line & Circle shimmers like a mirage from the distant 1980s – although not the new wave ’80s currently being plundered by anybody who can plug in a synth.  The L.A. quintet, founded by Midwesterners Brian Cohen and Brian Egan and including Eric Neujahr, Jon Engelhard and Nick Cisik, recalls the weighty ’80s (and beyond) of college radio and the enigmatic sophistication of bands like R.E.M. Recorded With Lewis Pesacov (the Fool’s Gold guitarist whose production credits include Best Coast, FIDLAR and Incan Abraham, among others), the quintet’s three new songs seem propelled by the anxiety that comes with feeling, alternately, spiritually grounded and emotionally detached. With their whorl of guitars and insistent rhythms, they’re beautiful puzzles, waiting to be solved.

||| Stream: “Wounded Desire” and “Mesolithic”

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Photo by Courtney Halverson