Video premiere: White Dove, ‘Caroline’


L.A.-based White Dove has always worn its California rock and pop influences well. Elements reminiscent of the Byrds and Fleetwood Mac have seeped into their sound yielding wonderfully filtered nostalgia. Alex Johnstone, Jack Long, Carl Harders and newest member Michael Morgan now follow up their excellent 2013 debut “The Hoss, the Candle” with a 7-inch via White Iris Records. Like most bands who get the chance to release music through the boutique L.A. label, the the band was lucky enough to work with producer Luke Top (of Fool’s Gold). Amping up the guitar work and highlighting the band’s strengths Top has joined White Dove in producing the stellar A-side “Caroline,” a psych-folk guitar-pop jam where Johnstone’s vocals flow above with ease. No doubt having blossomed, White Dove’s palette reflects a certain flower children-mentality yet captures the buoyancy of today’s SoCal culture. The music video for “Caroline” follows suit with plenty of flowers in their hair.

White Dove