Stream: IO Echo (and Tokimonsta), ‘Heartbreaker’



More than five years passed between the first time we saw IO Echo – shout-out to the long-ago Indie 103.1 series at the Viper Room and the late photographer Andrew Youssef, who documented the night on his Amateur Chemist blog – and the release of their debut full-length “Ministry of Love” last year. The wait doesn’t figure to be so long for the dreamy goth-pop duo’s follow-up. In the process of beginning “to concoct ideas for our forthcoming second album,” Ioanna Gika and Leopold Ross today released a four-song mixtape titled … wait for it … “I’ve Been Vaping Your Tears.” As you take a moment to imagine that, consider that it includes a slo-mo, drenched-in-melancholy cover of Mariah Carey’s overwrought No. 1 hit “Heartbreaker,” made in conjunction with L.A. beat goddess Tokimonsta. More delicious is a collaboration with NAR on the song “No Getting Over Me.” As IO Echo continues to work in the studio with Doc McKinney (The Weeknd) and Hugo Nicolson (Radiohead), their new mixtape is available for free download via IAMSOUND Records.

||| Stream: “Heartbreaker”

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