Video premiere: Lady Low, ‘Baby Baby’


As we noted earlier this week in introducing the first two songs from Lady Low, the L.A. trio’s string-drenched cover of the Vibrators’ 1977 single “Baby Baby” managed to take an old song and make it sound even more retro. The new video from animator Scott Shelden works as well as the song’s arrangement. Inspired by animation milestones such as  “The Adventures of Prince Achmed” (1926) and “Cinderella” (1922), Shelden used hand-painted transparencies and hand-cut paper silhouettes, moving them frame by frame and adding digital compositing and coloring. “I wanted to find a visual style that would match the mood of the music: smooth and smoky, and a little dark,” Shelden says, adding that he intended that the brushwork and shapes “work with the hypnotic music to bring the listener into a dream-like trance.” Mission accomplished. As for singer-guitarist Jimmy Sweet, who’s joined in the band by, Samy Jo and Danie Espinoza, he says: “I’m happy to make a video that’s not just another three-minute film with my mug on it. … It’s definitely more artistic then a couple people with guitars.”