Stream: Young Summer, ‘Severing Ties’


Young Summer_Shervin Lainez

We know it’s always warm in SoCal, but Bobbie Allen — aka Young Summer — conjures up images of the beach with songs like “Waves That Rolled You Under.” Despite the facts of Allen is actually from D.C. and the subject matter of her electro-pop songs are actually heavier and more introspective, the shimmering textures underneath her velvety vocals (simultaneously reminiscent of Sinead O’Connor, Eleanor Friedberger and Brood’s Georgia Nott) are nice musical cushions to the harsher (and perhaps colder) parts of one’s day. Whether it’s slow and sensual or soaring and sparkling, Young Summer’s moniker is appropriate for all the gems on last year’s “Fever Dream” EP. Her latest single “Severing Ties,” albeit slightly more percussive and liberating, follows suit.

||| Stream: “Severing Ties”

||| Live: Young Summer plays Feb. 13 at the Troubadour.

||| Also: Check out “Taken” and “Waves That Rolled You Under” after the jump. 

Photo by Shervin Lainez