Ears Wide Open: Triptides



Somewhere in between Tame Impala and Teenage Fanclub, there is a cozy little spot in your music library for Triptides. Despite originally hailing from Bloomington, Ind.., the psych-rock band has integrated sunny thoughts and textures in their music. Founding members Glenn Brigman and Josh Menashe met each other in a history class called “Rock and Roll in the ’70s and ’80s” and after they established each knew who the lead singer of Nirvana was, the two started a bedroom (or dorm room) project of LSD-appropriate jams. One album (2012’s “Sun Pavilion”) and single (2013’s “Set You Free) later, Triptides is now based in the City of Angels, include members Bryant Fox and Brian Dove and have their “Predictions” EP to boast. Songs like “Prediction” and “Night Owl” will either inspire you to grab a surfboard or find the nearest bag of Goldish to satisfy your munchies. Either way, it will be the result of a fun ride courtesy of some well-worn psychedelia and Brit-pop influences.

||| Stream: “Prediction” and “Night Owl”