Coachella 2015: Belle and Sebastian, swoon-worthy and in good humor as the sun sets


1394-coachella_belleandsebastian_day2.0412_dbhWho: Belle add Sebastian on the Outdoor stage
In 3 or Fewer Words: Stuart Murdoch sunset.
Memorable Because: If anyone remembers the sunset that accompanied Belle and Sebastian’s set in 2002, then Saturday’s set might have brought back some wonderful memories. “We’re here to usher in the evening,” frontman Stuart Murdoch claimed when they took the stage. They may have not gone as hard as Run the Jewels over in the Mojave Tent, but Belle & Sebastian had a full string section that soundtracked, yet again, a gorgeous sunset. Although they performed newer tunes such as “Nobody’s Empire” and “The Party Line,” (which Murdoch claimed they wrote specifically for this moment) older tunes like “Piazza New York Catcher” and “The Boy With the Arab Strap” were what melted twee hearts. Murdoch was especially in a good mood despite their crowd being stolen by Glass Animals as well. “Is everyone already partied out?” he asked. No matter. He told the crowd stories of his time in Sacramento (“I got called a candy ass bitch!”) and explained “I’m just the boy that doesn’t get the girl — that’s why we make these bands, ya know?” During “Arab Strap” and “Legal Man,” Murdoch even went out into the crowd and pulled fans onto stage for a dance party. Shortly after, a flock of ladies were telling him “I love you” and forcing selfies only to have Murdoch state. “I love you too, but don’t tell my wife.” But that wasn’t the finale. Capping the dreamy set, Belle & Sebastian ended with the lovely “Judy Dreams of Horses.”
What I’d Tell My Friend Who Was At Run the Jewels: I’m sure Killer Mike and EL-P were loads of fun, but “Close Your Eyes (And Count to F–k)” isn’t exactly make-out music.
— S.L. (Photo by David Brendan Hall)

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