Coachella 2015: Ryan Adams, higher than you



Who: Ryan Adams at the Outdoor Theatre.
In 3 or Fewer Words: Tip your waitress.
Top Five Ryan Adams Zingers Between Songs
1) (opening his set) “Yay, sad music in the desert.”
2) (regarding photographers on a crane) “Hey, you guys be careful up there in whatever that Transformer thing is you guys got up over there. Look at that shit. What is that shit? What are you guys doing? You know, strangely, we’ll still higher than you.”
3) (toward the Sahara Tent) “You guys listen to whatever sound is over there, that’s music right now. Oh my god. Are they sure, I mean, there might be some grounding issues over there. We should go over to make sure everything’s OK.”
4) (after playing “Dirty Rain”) “That song was originally called ‘Dirty Rain,’ as in “rain and blood,” and it was about how many days Mike wears his socks on tour.”
5) (after having to shorten his set due to time) “We have to cut a song, I don’t know which one to cut. I know, I know, but ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ is not gonna get to be played tonight. I had a 17-minute guitar solo that was all pre-prepared and it was going to be amazing. During the middle of the solo Mike was gonna come over and punch me in the nuts and I was gonna breathe fire. It was going to be amazing. Not this year.”
Top Five Songs Played By Ryan Adams Between Zingers
1) I’ve already forgotten. He played some American festival rock or something, a couple Cardinals songs, maybe? “Let It Ride” and “Magnolia Mountain?” Maybe some new ones, “Gimme Something Good” and “Stay With Me?” I do know he did not cover “Summer of ’69”. What’s with this guy? No sense of humor!
What I’d Tell My Friend Who Was at Brand New: Let your freak flag fly, emo-kid. Brand New has great fans and, despite appearances, this was a tough conflict.
— B.M. (Photo by David Brendan Hall)

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