Coachella 2015: St. Vincent, arty and enaging



Who: St. Vincent at the Outdoor Theatre
In 3 or Fewer Words: All angles.
Memorable Because: Annie Clark first asked the modest crowd at the Outdoor Theatre to put their phones away. A few complied. Then she launched into “Bring Me Your Loves” as she and bandmate Toko Yasuda pulled off some robot marches around the stage. It was one of five songs she performed off last year’s “St. Vincent,” all full of complexities and angular guitars, mesmerizing musically and interesting visually owing to her expressive motions onstage. Set-ender “Birth in Reverse” got the biggest crowd reaction — at least, it finally silenced the chatty youngsters nearby who just wanted to talk about her new hair. (“It’s like Joan Jett, right?”) Clark also saluted “the freaks and others of Indio.” I’ve never been so happy to be “other.”
What I’d Tell My Friends Who Stromae: Sorry, I mistook Stromae for a menu item at one of Coachella’s specialty resturants.
— K.B. (Photos by Bronson)

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