Premiere: LA Font, ‘Hangtime Vol. 1’ (full EP)



LA Font continue to be one of the finest indie-rock bands on the local landscape — prolific, melodic, intelligent (maybe too smart for their own good, but that’s just a longtime follower’s hare-brained theory) and, well, lovingly caustic. Their first substantial release since the 2013 full-length “Diving Man” comes out this week, and it’s an EP titled “Hangtime Vol. 1.” LA Font does a lot to get under your skin, and it’s all here in five bite-sized nuggets: guitars that sting, lyrics that bite, squalor that befits their outré status. Oh, and a sardonic sense of humor. Frontman Danny Bobbe says of the new EP: “Hangtime’s a record about not waiting around for something to happen. It’s about putting in work, kicking it out, washing your hands and starting again. Take the best part of a lemon meringue pie (the meringue) and a Dodger Dog (the Dodgers) and that’s ‘Hangtime Vol. 1.’”

Live: LA Font perform Thursday at Amoeba and Friday at the Silverlake Lounge.

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