Stream: Tyler Lyle, ‘Winter Is for Kierkegaard’



Singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle released his debut “The Golden Age & the Silver Girl” in 2011, right before he packed his bags and moved from Georgia to Los Angeles. Neither his nimble melodic sense nor his sophisticated lyricism deserted him in the ensuing time, as he swam around in L.A.’s murky waters working on his own music and as a songwriter-for-hire in various locales. Finally, his new work will be realized when his new album “The Native Genius of Desert Plants” comes out June 2. It’s the culmination, he says, of “3 1/2 years of struggles developed through bad relationships and personal losses,” but as the first single suggests, it’s not like he’s drowning in his beers or curled up on the sofa reading Whitman. “Winter Is for Kierkegaard” gallops into “the expansive sky” on a gauzy atmospheric backdrop Lyle has only experimented with in the past. Not a sign of fear or trembling.

||| Stream: “Winter Is for Kierkegaard”

||| Live: Tyler Lyle celebrates his album release June 10 at the Satellite and opens for Lissie July 11 at the Troubadour.

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