Premiere: Sun Drug, ‘Easy in Your Attitude’


Starting over can test the mettle of any creative, but working from a clean slate with a fresh perspective often yields remarkable results. And so it is with Sun Drug, the L.A. quartet of Steven Wilkin, Collin Desha, Taylor Brown and Cameron Dmytryk. They were four-fifths of Vanaprasta, whose heady 2011 album “Healthy Geometry” and frequently epic live shows filled local venues but mysteriously never took off beyond their home turf. Fast-forward to 2014, when singer Wilkin, bassist Brown and guitarists Desha and Dmytryk sought the counsel of singer-songwriter-mystic Rocco DeLuca. Acting as a sort of musical spirit guide, DeLuca urged the band to take a new approach to writing and recording, which they undertook in Desha’s home studio without a producer or engineer. “Life is a process of constant self-discovery,” Brown says, “and this is a microcosm of that. It was a lot of trial and error, a lot of fucking up, and we’ll continue to fuck up, but that’s the only way to learn.” Sun Drug will release its debut EP on June 26, and the first single “Easy in Your Attitude” is an expansive rocker with a monster guitar hook, a cool breakdown and, appropriately, a lyrical embrace of the inevitably of change. Brian Randall’s video, the band says, “explores the relationship between the digital and tactile worlds using an Xbox Kinect + a DSLR.” We’re feeling it.

||| Stream: “Easy in Your Attitude”

||| Live: Sun Drug celebrate their EP release with a show at Warehouse Acropolis in downtown L.A. on June 27.


Photo by Emma Trim