Ears Wide Open: Molly Moore



Aspiring pop siren Molly Moore earns an “A” in both production value and self-delusion for her new single “Don’t Believe It,” which she introduces by saying “the best world to live in is the one that you create for yourself.” There’s some merit to that, of course; where the song goes off the rails is the chorus, “It’s ain’t real / if you don’t believe it.” Without going into a long-winded rant about how mainstream pop continually fails to rise above such balderdash: No. Most of the time it is real. Anyway, the transplanted New Yorker co-wrote the song with Brandyn Burnette, April Bender and producer Steve Dresser, and it’s the follow-up to the single “Natural Disaster,” which we imagine was inspired by a bad hair day. The big hook and slick feel of “Don’t Believe It” are the kind of stuff that could propel it onto the airwaves of whatever radio station they play at Supercuts when I get what’s left of my hair trimmed. Both the background music and Father Time’s effect on the hairline are realities I have no choice but to believe.

||| Stream: “Don’t Believe It” and “Natural Disaster”