Stream: Sego, ‘The Fringe’



Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carroll are a long, long way from their Provo, Utah, home now, and having put their previous band Eyes Lips Eyes in their rear-view mirror, they’re making insurgent art-punk as Sego. They announced Thursday that a new EP, “Long Long Way From the Fringe,” would be out Sept. 11 on Dine Alone Records. The EP is the follow-up to Sego’s “Wicket Youth” EP released last year via the French label Kitsuné, which featured the dance-punk rave-up “20 Years Tall.” Like that song, Sego’s new single “The Fringe” deserves its comparisons to LCD Soundsystem and the Rapture, and maybe PiL, too, if you can imagine Petersen as a stoned-but-still-lucid John Lydon, dispensing lyrical barbs to dance partiers who may or may not be interested in hearing what he has to say. Maybe everybody can discuss during the breakdown?

||| Stream: “The Fringe”

||| Previously: “20 Years Tall”

Photo from Buzz Band LA’s “Dear Austin, Love L.A.” party in March during SXSW