Video: Figs Vision, ‘Little Man’

Figs vision video

The new video from L.A. art-rockers Figs Vision is another high-concept affair, offering several intriguing metaphors for the dynamics in relationships. Like last year’s “Backwards,” the new music video for “Little Man” (from Figs Vision’s 2014 debut “Mother”) is the work of UNA Projects, with direction by Jake Saner and choreography by Chuck Wilt. It features the band’s Gunner Sixx and Jordan Spoliansky (as the guys stranded in the blizzard, more on that later), Kyle Filley and Wilt (as the fencers), Catherine Kirk, Jonah Greenstein, Rebecca Margolick, Emma Whiteley and a cameo from Saner himself.

“A lot of dance videos that come out are highly sexualized and objectify women — the dancing in this video was impactful for us because it isn’t necessarily sexual, although it could be,” Spoliansky says. “UNA Projects have done a tremendous job at telling stories and conveying deep-rooted emotions with their physical display.” Meanwhile, that’s real shivering in the blizzard scene. Says Spoliansky: “Filming the video was an extremely physical experience — if you can imagine spending nine hours in the dead of New York winter wearing clothes we brought from Los Angeles, you might get an idea of how intense the filming was. It was a very special surprise because the shivering and pain that we believe to be clearly visible came off exactly how we wanted it to, in a genuine way.”

And the band had a bit of a scare during its filming. Figs Vision bassist Zackary Darling became separated from the group shooting the winter scene, and “we ended having to call a search and rescue team to find him,” Spoliansky says. “He had been turned around in the snow and decided to hunker down until the storm passed. The search and rescue found him, released him after he was treated for minor frostbite and we still made it to play our show in Brooklyn the next day.”

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