Video premiere: Jason Heath & the Greedy Souls, ‘So Far From Grace’

Jason Heath & the Greedy souls
Jason Heath & the Greedy Souls

Jason Heath’s gritty roots-rock is woven of sturdy fabric, coarse but comfy, his urban cowboy couplets covering the timeless themes of love, loss and redemption and the ace hands in his Jason Heath & the Greedy Souls making it all sound like it could have come from any point in Americana history. The band’s third album “A Season Undone” comes out Sept. 11 on Wayne Kramer’s Industrial Amusement label, and tucked amid the album’s fire-and-brimstone anthems is the country lament “So Far From Grace.” It’s a song, Heath says, “inspired by a girl I was dating that lived up the hills in Hollywood. She wrote screenplays and directed films and knew a lot of famous people. She was a single mother, a great mother, but she always seemed to me to be conflicted and torn between ambitions of the ‘Hollywood life’ and a more safe and subdued home life.”

The video for the song, which stars Hester Van Hooven, is the work of Jorn Van Oostende and features a sign-spinner from San Pedro named Jaszper, who answered the band’s Craigslist ad but, says Heath, “his housing situation was fluid and he didn’t have an address or a car.” On the day of the shoot, Heath had to go to San Pedro and drive around and find him. They finally made it to Hollywood for the shoot, and as the video unfolds, some monkey business ensues.

The album, meanwhile, features the talents of accordionist Jason Federici (son of the late Danny Federici, a founding member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band), keyboardist Chris Joyner, guitarist Justin Salmons, drummers Abraham Etz and Casey Johnson, bassists Jose Esquivel and Will Mack, violinist Ysanne Spevack, lap steel player Tobin Dale and background singers Farayi Dominique and Laura Key.

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