Stream: Paul Bergmann, ‘Wishing Song’

Paul Bergmann and Warpaint's Emily Kokal

Paul Bergmann’s “Wishing Song” feels right for a cloudy, wet summer day. Step outside barefoot into the puddle on your porch to the tune of opening lyrics “I’m going where the water’s cold and sweet,” and you’ll find your mood instantly swept away on some romantic misty vibes shared by Bergmann and guest vocalist, Warpaint’s Emily Kokal. Perhaps it takes you to a mountain, or to the woods, or to the beach, or perhaps that cup of coffee in your hand just suddenly seems extra special, and then you make out with it. The duet with Kokal came about the way so many wonderful things are born, at 4 a.m., drunk, at a party. After a night of booze and bonding, the two decided they would record a song together. A gently strummed straightforward pleasure, “Wishing Song” is found on Bergmann’s new EP, “Romantic Thoughts,” out Oct. 2 via Fairfax Recordings.

||| Listen: “Wishing Song”

||| Live: Paul Bergmann plays Oct. 3 at 1642 Temple.