Video: James Supercave, ‘Better Strange’


Signer-songwriter Joaquin Pastor explains the title track of James Supercave’s forthcoming debut album this way: “It’s about a girl who floored me. I caught her in that moment of wild where she was completely uninhibited and real. The song is a plea to stay in that moment–you’re better when you’re yourself. Your weird, broken, beautiful self.” So in a weird, broken, beautiful way, the video for the track, which premiered Wednesday on Nerdist, is perfect. The video was edited by Moxie Bellucci using footage from award-winning animator Sophie Koko Gate’s short film “Half Wet.” The band says the finished product is “like ’90s cartoons did the same drugs that our music is hooked on. Beautiful, bizarre, hilarious.” And strange indeed.

||| Watch: The video for “Better Strange”

||| Live: James Supercave performs Wednesday night at the Echo.