Video: Cassandra Violet, ‘Lady’

Cassandra Violet

The video for L.A. songwriter Cassandra Violet‘s new song, “Lady,” offers a modern fable about a woman’s place in the world, inspired by the 2014 NYC viral catcalling video, in which a woman walked around New York for 10 hours and logged how many times she got harassed, whistled at, or hey-babied. In the hazy dream scenario directed by Brian George and Galen Jackson, these beautiful red-headed darlings wielding a machete overpower an old man and his meat grinder, and run away from the woods. But, rather than freedom, what the girls will encounter in the modern world they’ve been sheltered from is not much better than the oppression they leave behind. “The [catcalling] video got me thinking about how lonely and terrifying it can be to be a woman in the world because have to fight for your own path and for your voice to be heard, ” Violet says. “In ‘Lady,’ this is represented through a girl who is controlled in a cult, and then breaks free, protecting her sister and escaping, ultimately to a city that is just as terrifying as the environment she ran away from.” As the first single from her upcoming 2016 EP, “Body & Mind,” to be self-released on Jan. 29, “Lady” makes a strong opening statement.

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