Stream: Luke Top, ‘Lucky Penny’

Luke Top
Luke Top

As opposed to the lithe guitar line of his first single “On the Shore,” the second blast from Luke Top’s  forthcoming full-length “Suspect Highs” is organ-drenched sway in a tropical breeze. Backed by a chorus seemingly lifted from pop’s past, the new song “Lucky Penny” seduces once again with the same quavering vocals that have been one of the main attractions of the three Fool’s Gold albums. Top’s solo album will be out March 4 on vinyl via Org Music and digitally via Grand Gallop. Perfect for a vibe adjustment.

||| Stream: “Lucky Penny”

||| Live: Luke Top plays Friday night at Non Plus Ultra with Papercuts and L.A. Takedown. Top also headlines the Bootleg Theater on March 3.