The Lost Room, the Lost Knight move toward in-house booking

The Lost Room in Echo Park (Photo by Carl Pocket)
The Lost Room in Echo Park (Photo by Carl Pocket)

File under: Check your local listings. Carefully.

Several upcoming shows scheduled for the Lost Room in Echo Park are being moved to other venues because the venue’s ownership is slowly cutting ties with talent buyers Spaceland Presents.

The Lost Room, at 1534 Sunset Blvd., has the same ownership as the Lost Knight, the British-style pub located one doorstep west at 1538 Sunset Blvd. Spaceland had booked shows at the Lost Room since the 80-capacity room formally opened in November. Shows in the Tap Room at the Lost Knight — which are free —  have been a combination of venue-booked events and those brought in by various local promoters.

“It makes sense for us to take the lead role in [booking talent for both rooms],” says Alan Moore, a co-owner of the venue, adding that he does not rule out working with Spaceland (which books the Echo/Echoplex and the Regent Theater, among other venues) in the future. “We want control over our own destiny.”

Tonight’s EP release show by the Knitts has been moved to the Hi Hat in Highland Park.

Thursday’s show featuring Cynnie, EaSWay and Alfie Mendoza has been moved to the Love Song, adjacent to the Regent Theater downtown.

On Saturday, Colleen D’Agostino is currently scheduled to play the Lost Room.

The Lost Knight’s calendar is available here. The venues’ booking submission form is here.

We will try to update this post as more information becomes available.