Video: Magic Bronson, ‘Run Run’

Magic Bronson
Magic Bronson

Magic Bronson’s slightly stoned, seriously fun songs have as much bounce to the ounce as any tag-team outfit there. The duo’s latest single “Run Run” motors along on Matthew Lieberman’s elastic bass line, while crooner Michael Nicastro waxes restless — both perfect for their DIY video filmed by Elias Talbot with a hand-held camera around downtown L.A. and Hollywood. The song is from a new five-song EP that Magic Bronson will release April 8; it’s their first big release since their intoxicating 2014 album “Wildlife” and see the duo out on their own after ending their relationship with War Cry Records. They have other changes in the works too — they’ve added a live drummer to their previously two-man show. The more the merrier.

||| Watch: The video for “Run Run”

||| Live: Magic Bronson plays tonight at Harvard & Stone as part of Psychic Love’s residency.