Video: Malena Cadiz, ‘At the Symphony’

Melaena Cadiz (Photo by Mikael Kennedy)
Melaena Cadiz (Photo by Mikael Kennedy)

“At the Symphony” is about a wonderful nap, getting high in the cheap seats and being lulled to sleep by the orchestra. Malena Cadiz has a way with words, with lines like “and the night crept in, in a sequined gown” as she describes a crack in the ceiling opening up to reveal a starry sky. A Michigan native, Cadiz moved from New York to Los Angeles last year, then spent some time at an artist retreat in Joshua Tree. There, she wrote songs for her new album, “Sunfair,” named after the desert street that led to the mesa where the retreat was located. “There weren’t a lot of outside distractions so I found myself looking inward, taking inventory my thoughts and reflecting on the last few years.” The result is nine confessional songs inspired by a desire to “get back to the heart of things,” all things. Misra Records releases the album on March 4.

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