Ears Wide Open: Lone Kodiak

Lone Kodiak
Lone Kodiak

Singer/guitarist Daineal Parker and bassist Daniel Alden have traveled a long road to get to Lone Kodiak, and it hasn’t always been a happy trip. The pair were principals in the highly regarded Portland band Emberghost, whose career was derailed when co-vocalist Sarah Jennings was diagnosed with cancer. She died in 2010 after a three-year battle, and Parker and Alden then moved to L.A., working under the name Climates and then Hurry Death before settling late last year on Lone Kodiak. The name evokes something woodsy and pastoral, and it’s fitting for their sweeping, melancholy music. The band has a long-in-the-works EP on the way this summer; it’s work that was “carefully and deliberately crafted with painstaking attention to detail,” says Parker, conceding that he and Alden are not generally fast workers. More on the EP later, but new, non-EP song “Disaster,” which has kicked off the band’s recent live sets, represents a change for them. It “was written in one rehearsal session almost as a rebuttal to our previously hyper-disciplined writing style,” Parker says. Featuring vocals from Storm Smith, it has the epic feel of artists like Band of Horses, and some post-apocalyptic lyrics to go along with it. In a word, gorgeous.

* Editor’s note: We apparently liked this song more than the band did; alas, they have wiped it from the interwebs. Thankfully it lives on in our iTunes library.

||| Stream: “Disaster”

||| Live: Lone Kodiak plays Wednesday at the Satellite, opening for Immanu El.