Stream: Brit Manor, ‘Wheels Of Eternity’

Brit Manor

A few years ago, Brit Manor appeared on stage with Nick Waterhouse, owning a voice and presence that comes nothing short of captivating. Since then, in addition to being part of Waterhouse’s ensemble, she’s appeared singing with Ty Segall, Yellow Alex & the Feelings, Captain Planet, Kilo Kish and others, always elevating every project she lends that soulful sound that lives in her voicebox. How exciting, finally, to have her debut album, “Only Child,” in hand, released in May by Brooklyn label Bastard Jazz, and written in collaboration with producer and label-mate Captain Planet. Opening track “Wheels Of Eternity” is a shoulder-shaking dance party inspired musically by Talking Heads. It’s about reincarnation, one of her favorite subjects. The rest of the album traverses all kinds of electronic soul territory, from the dancefloor to the bedroom to the quiet places inside one’s mind, Brit Manor takes the listener on a personal journey of introspection, love, family, life, death, friendship and sex, of course there’s sex.

||| Stream: “Wheels Of Eternity”