Video premiere: The Fontaines, ‘Cold’

The Fontaines, granulated
The Fontaines, granulated

The Fontaines are suddenly lower-res but higher-energy. In the video for their new single “Cold,” the L.A. quartet helmed by siblings Hank and Charlotte Fontaine appear grainy — director Dustin Muenchow, whose other credits include L.A. Girlfriend’s “Gentlemen,” took the footage and “processed [it] into being a low-resolution retro-style GIF.” Muenchow’s video might be retro, but the Fontaines new single is certainly less so the music on the Fontaines’ debut EP. There, they mined a throwback style they named “new-wop,” but the riffy “Cold” — and the other songs on “The Fontaines ii,” the new EP that’s coming out June 24 — are “a break away from the more idiosyncratic ideas that confined us to sounding ‘vintage’ or kitch on our first recordings,” Hank Fontaine says. “We got bored, and said, hey, let’s try and make something a bit more distinctly us, even if we don’t know what we are supposed to sound like yet.” Here, they’re rocking in the right diection.

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||| Live: The Fontaines play Friday night at the Study in Hollywood, the 626 Golden Streets Festival on June 26 and the Sassafras Saloon on July 28.