Video: Gothic Tropic, ‘Stronger’

Gothic Tropic
Gothic Tropic

Gothic Tropic’s latest, greatest single “Stronger” is part call-to-arms, part personal pep talk for songwriter Cecilia Della Peruti, who cops to being nervous about asserting herself. “It comes out of working in male-dominated communities,” she tells Rookie magazine. “As a woman, I felt that I should always be easy to work with, which meant that a lot of the time I stayed silent when I maybe shouldn’t have.”

The new video for the song, directed by Erik Donley, has a little fun with the girl-power theme while keeping clear its imperative: Sisters (especially in L.A., with its abundance of strong female artists) are doing it for themselves. Motorcycle maintenance is included, as Adri Law, Joy Chilton, Anna Silverstein, Jill Snyder and Kera Armendariz, who join Peruti in the biker gang, show. The song is from Gothic Tropic’s (long-awaited) full-length, “FASTorFEAST,” which, if Peruti doesn’t spend too much time cruising L.A.’s byways, will be out later this year.

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