Stream: Dent May, ‘Face Down in The Gutter Of Your Love’

Dent May

After releasing three albums on Paw Tracks, a sub-label of Carpark Records, Dent May’s next record (and first since 2013) will be released by Carpark itself. The first taste of what’s to come is “Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love,” a love song for all seasons. The emotional weather remains constant, all that changes is how stinky, wet, and vermin-infested that proverbial gutter might be. The tune is so upbeat and light, it makes getting your heart stomped on seem ultimately romantic and worthwhile. Blending classic sounding keys with outer-space synth flourishes and electronic handclaps, the Oxford, Miss.-bred May will keep you smiling and starry-eyed, diving face first into a bad relationship.

||| Stream: “Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love”

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