Mondo Cozmo unveils new song … well, kind of

Mondo Cozmo
Mondo Cozmo

Since L.A.’s Mondo Cozmo released their stellar fist single “Hold On to Me” in April via a touching video starring Anna Faris, it’s been revealed that they are the solo project of Joshua Ostrander of dearly departed Eastern Conference Champions (2004-15) and that a label-affiliated EP is on the way.

Today, though, Mondo Cozmo teased — and, in a way, released — a new song that won’t be on the EP. It’s titled “Plastic Soul,” and it was introduced in a video snippet posted to Instagram with the following explanation: “Due to potential lawsuits, we are not allowed to release this song. It’s called ‘Plastic Soul.’ It was written for David Bowie and it’s about time travel. If you email my lawyer he will send you a link to download: [email protected].

[email protected]

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Apparently the song contains a sample that Mondo Cozmo can’t get cleared. So they are giving a digital version of it away while being careful not to share it anywhere where the stream is monetized.

And by the way, it’s magnificent. Grab it before some other lawyer takes issue.