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Cosmos & Creature
Cosmos & Creature

At this rate, Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore will become the First Couple of Pop by 2017 or ’18. Each has done well in solo exploits: Burnette, 26, has racked up a few million spins for his two EPs, 2015’s “Made of Dreams” [see “Down”] and this year’s “State I’m In.” While not as far along, Moore impressed with last year’s “Shadows of the Sun” EP [see “Peace of My Heart”], on which Burnette was a co-writer, and is working on a follow-up, having this summer teased three new singles, including one featuring … yes, Burnette.

In February, they performed at the Chinatown New Year’s Festival billed as Brandyn Burnette & Molly Moore, doing a his-n-hers set of songs. But now they’ve made their musical partnership official, unveiling their first single as Cosmos & Creature. “Young” follows the duo’s appearances on dance tracks by Lost Kings and Vicetone.

We know, we know, it’s hard to keep track without a scorecard. As for “Young,” it’s a beautifully simple earworm, virtually unblemished by gimmickry, in which the vocalists wax on the familiar theme of nostalgia for youth. “We wrote ‘Young’ as a nostalgic tribute to the past that also embraces now,” Moore told Pigeons and Planes, where the song premiered. “It’s easy to live in a memory, but ultimately to evolve in life is to learn from what you’ve been through and forge forward.”

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