Stream: Kan Wakan, ‘I Would’

Kan Wakan
Kan Wakan

Songwriter-composer producer Gueorgui Linev, the mastermind behind Kan Wakan, today unveiled the second installment of musical cinema from the forthcoming “Phantasmagoria” — along with the tidbit that the release, the follow-up to 2014’s “Moving On,” will be a triple-LP, not a double-album as previously announced. Whew. “Phantasmagoria” is due next spring, adding to a Linev catalog that includes production on Moses Sumney’s latest EP “Lamentations” and the soon-to-premiere score for the film “Dead Draw.”

The new song “I Would” builds from a flickering guitar line to full but slow-burning drama behind the smoldering vocals of Elle Olsun, who also sang on the first single “Molasses.” The song grew out of give-and-take between the composer and songwriter in studio. “I played [Olsun] a nylon guitar riff I had recorded on my phone. It had been on playback in my mind for a while, and when she heard it she just went along and started singing this melody and we bounced ideas back and forth,” the Bulgaria-born, L.A.-based Linev says. “There was a lot of change going on in my life at the time and ‘I Would’ drew on that curiosity. It stirs nostalgia and anxiety, like a creek meeting a river, rushing and chaotic but held tight by the undercurrent.”

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