Ears Wide Open: Spare Parts for Broken Hearts

Spare Parts for Broken Hearts
Spare Parts for Broken Hearts

Long Beach’s Spare Parts for Broken Hearts join a groundswell of Southern California bands who are getting back to basics. To paint with a broad brush, the music is muscular yet tender, dirty yet melodic, visceral yet brainy. If that sounds like the ’90s, well, yes, in certain circles the pendulum is swinging back away from what some regard as preening, contrived indie-whatever. So, submitted for your approval: Spare Parts for Broken Hearts’ new single “Pleasure Delay” (out Friday), which frontwoman Sarah Green describes as “the space between lust and trust.” The song is the follow-up to three EPs from the alt-rock/grunge/power trio, which was born about five years as a collaboration between Green and Laurita Guaico (who were bandmates in Relish back in the day) and came to include drummer Mikey Vallejo. “Pleasure Delay” does not tread softly across the land, nor does it turn over much new soil; it just bulldozes what was always there. Behold as the earth moves.

||| Stream: “Pleasure Delay”

||| Also: Watch the video for “Pleasure Delay,” directed by Dexy Valentine of Magic Wands

||| Live: Spare Parts for Broken Hearts celebrate the release with a show Thursday at the Satellite, along with Dead Dawn and Sheer.