Stream: The Regrettes, ‘Seashore’

The Regrettes
The Regrettes

Lydia Night has been on a career path to front a rock band ever since she was 12 and was one-half of the too-cool-for-elementary-school Pretty Little Demons, who besides their fun fashion sense were the youngest act ever to land an official showcase at South by Southwest. A couple years later they had morphed into the Regrettes and Peaches was guesting during their set at the Echo. Now, having just turned 16, Night has new collaborators — guitarist Genessa Gariano, bassist Sage Chavis and drummer Maxx Morando — and the Regrettes are signed to Warner Music, which is scheduled to release their debut album “Feel Your Feelings, Fool!” on Jan. 13.

The Regrettes call their music “cupcake punk” — it’s pop-punk (reminiscent of a poppier Donnas) with a frosting of strong messages covering issues such as politics and female identity. Of the four singles the quartet has released leading up to the album, “A Living Human Girl” is exemplary; it assails those who would judge girls differently because they’re girls. Last week, the Regrettes released the latest, “Seashore,” a general broadside against patriarchy that, in light of recent events, the band dedicated to Donald Trump. It has a chorus you won’t hear on FM radio but you might have heard at some recent political rallies.

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