Photos: Nick Waterhouse at the Regent Theater

Nick Waterhouse and The Tarots at the Regent Theater, December 19, 2016. Photo by Michelle Shiers courtesy of Spaceland

“Never Twice” is the name of Nick Waterhouse’s third album, released this year, and fronting Nick Waterhouse & His Tarots he made Monday’s concert at the Regent Theater feel like a once-in-a-lifetime thing. He led the octet through a rapturous, 24-song set that culled from the best of his three albums, 2012’s “Time’s All Gone,” 2014’s “Holly” and the latest release.

SadGirl and Cutty Flam opened the show.

Nick Waterhouse setlist: It’s Time, I Had Some Money (But I Spent It), Dead Room, Holly, I Can Only Give You Everything, Straight Love, High Tiding, Stanyan Street, Sleeping Pills, Voodoo, Tracy, Old Place, L.A. Turnaround, Katchi, Is That Clear?, Indian Love Call, Raina, (If) You Want Trouble, Say I Wanna Know, Some Place, This Is a Game, Time’s All Gone, Pushing Too Hard, Don’t You Forget It

Photos by Michelle Shiers courtesy of Spaceland.LA