Video: Hammered Satin, ‘U.F.O.’

Hammered Satin

It’s always 1973 somewhere, isn’t that what they say? For certain that is the case whenever Hammered Satin get on stage. These guys eat, sleep, breathe and strut bubblegum glam, making music reminiscent of ’70s teen English disco that packs a rabble-rousing punch and is just covered in glitter from head to toe. Their debut full-length, “Glamorama,” came out in 2013, but the lads have been releasing some singles over the past year. Their latest is a 7-inch on Burger Records featuring the songs “Strawberries N’ Cream” and “U.F.O.” Here, in the “U.F.O” video, Noah Wallace, Conor Behrle and Dan Sandvick find themselves in the desert, face-to-face with an alien that shows Wallace the end of the world. Why would the alien choose him? Well, why not. Maybe the alien liked his bedazzled platform shoes.

||| Watch: “U.F.O”

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