Ears Wide Open: Rosie Tucker

Rosie Tucker (Photo by Cecilia Sweet Coll)
Rosie Tucker (Photo by Cecilia Sweet Coll)

Rosie Tucker is a singer-songwriter, activist, poet and bass player in the L.A. post-rock band Gypsum. She’s also somebody who sees the inherent fissures — literal and emotional — in sunny Southern California. She speaks directly to them in her new single “Fault Lines,” an ode to the duality of having a golden state of mind while perched precarious on the edge. “California aches / In her tectonic plates / She waits to make a break into the sea / Crying for a quake / Mourning empty lakes / But crying without water isn’t easy,” she sings in her bright voice. The single is Tucker’s first new solo outing since she released the full-length “Lowlight” while she was a student at USC. This one might appeal to fans of Waxahatchee, or veteran songwriters such as Suzanne Vega whose melodies are engaging but unpredictable.

||| Stream: “Fault Lines”

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||| Live: Rosie Tucker plays the Lost Room in Echo Park on Tuesday along with Foxtrax, the Sea Life, Den-Mate and Hamish Hawk. Info.