Stream: Lo Moon, ‘This Is It’

Lo Moon (Photo by Jonathan Weiner)
Lo Moon (Photo by Jonathan Weiner)

The music of L.A.’s Lo Moon is being rolled out almost as slowly, or perhaps contemplatively, as the music itself. Back in September, the trio of Matt Lowell, Samuel Stewart and Crisanta Baker debuted with the snap-crackle-dream-pop of “Loveless,” which asked “Could you take a chance on love?” and answered with a dramatic crescendo. Eight months later, the second single “This Is It” is equally cinematic, climbing through the fog with minimal percussion, astral synths and, after a slow build, a guitar that puts the this in all that. All very painterly, and perhaps after Lo Moon’s summer tour dates (including, locally, opening for Air), the full picture will be revealed.

||| Stream: “This Is It”

||| Live: Lo Moon opens for Air at the Greek Theatre on June 25. Tickets.