Chinatown Summer Nights, Aug. 5: HAWAI, Chris Price, the Federal Empire and more

HAWAI (Photo by Sam Richard)
HAWAI (Photo by Sam Richard)

Orange County melody-makers HAWAI, critically acclaimed songwriter Chris Price and pop alchemists the Federal Empire will perform on the LA Weekly Live Music Stage at the next Chinatown Summer Nights on Aug. 5.

The night will also mark the return of bilingual indie-rockers Wait. Think. Fast. (their first L.A. show since 2010; more on them at a later date). Plus, the evening includes dance-pop duo Isle & Fever, folk-pop activist Lucy & La Mer and folk-soul fusionists MetronOhm. The music starts at 5 p.m.

Chinatown’s Live Music Stage (and its craft beer garden) has moved from its 2016 location to Mandarin Plaza (at 970 N. Broadway, about a half-block north of Central Plaza).

The KCRW DJ Stage in Chinatown’s Central Plaza will feature sets by Jeremy Sole (10 p.m.) and Garth Trinidad (8 p.m.).

Chinatown Summer Nights, which continues Sept. 2, also boasts restaurants, culinary demonstrations, an eating competition, arts & crafts and all the sights usually associated with the district’s experience. The Live Music Stage is curated by Buzz Bands LA.

The nights are free and all-ages.

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Set times:

5PM: MetronOhm
6PM: Lucy & La Mer
7PM: Chris Price
8PM: Wait. Think. Fast.
9PM: Isle & Fever
11PM: The Federal Empire

||| Also: Sample songs from the artists playing Aug. 5 via the playlist below